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About Shoval Yael


Want To Finish Your Dream Project?

Click below to grab your free copy of the first chapter from my book "RESTART" and learn how to work with your ADHD-Mind's strengths to finally finish your dreams.

A world class procrastinator turned an execution machine

By using FUN Cues To Action, you can use too, to finish any project and goal you'd wish 


After years of trying to work and follow the advice out there, starting projects with the best intentions and high motivation, only to find myself weeks later, with a half finished dream in hands, and nothing more.

That is, until I stumbled upon the information that literally saved me. It helped me understand how I work best, what are my weaknesses and my strengths.

I stared doing projects fast, and finished them faster. When before I started project only to leave them half finished now I saw the results - finished books, finished courses. My life improved, and I began believing I could finish any dream I dared to dream, no matter how big and ambitious it was.

The best part was when I started working with friends, clients. Suddenly, they too, begun finishing their projects, their big dreams. For them, working stress-free, enjoying the work and accomplishing their goals they were trying to finish for years, in a mere few weeks was a life changing experience.

Then, and it happened by surprise as all good things happen, one of my clients wanted to create a course, and we were limited in time. 

We had to manoeuvre, invent, adapt, experiment. And that's how the three days to create your course was invented. 

Her. course was a huge success, and we repeated the process to create another course, with another success.

Now, I use this method with all my projects, with all my clients. I'm still amazed with the results every time.

Finishing projects, courses, writing books, learning new skills - me as well as my clients. 

Every project we do using this method - is quickly reaching the finish line.

When I try to go back to my old ways, few weeks later realising I haven't progressed at all, I go back to this method and finish another big goal.

This is the only way I work now. 

Have a big dream you wish to achieve? Have a course you want to create, a book you want to write? 

Send me an email, tell me what you want to achieve, I can teach you how to achieve them in speed time.

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